May 2021 - Updated Guidelines



April flowers, May showers. Not many new guidelines this month which is fine by me. PharmGuides focuses on pharmacotherapy-related guidelines but while researching I wanted to highlight that USPSTF now recommends earlier colorectal cancer screening to start at age 45 (B recommendation) and all adults after 50 years old (A recommendation). 45 is the new 50. Personal opinion: I blame our diets as more people experience colorectal cancer, RIP Chadwick Boseman.


Anyway, here's the latest:


Management of Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines (ATA, 2021)
Approaches to locoregional anaplastic thyroid cancer including surgery, radiotherapy, targeted/systemic therapy, supportive care during active therapy. 


Short-Course Antibiotic Prescribing Clinical Practice Guidelines (ACP, 2021)
The American College of Physicians says 5 days of therapy often is best practice in bronchitis with COPD exacerbations, CAP, UTIs, and cellulitis.

Special thanks!

User submitted: A Consensus Decision Pathway for Optimizing Care for Heart Failure (ACC 2021)

Everything you need to know about optimizing treatment of heart failure!


These United States and international guidelines were added to the database for being free to view, recognized evidence-based recommendations by major medical groups and organizations, and includes medication therapy helpful for practicing pharmacists and students.

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