PharmGuides serves as a living database of curated evidence-based clinical guidelines recognized in academia, clinical, industry, and retail settings. The mission is to provide a free, centralized, and accessible resource for pharmacists, students, and other healthcare professionals to find guidelines and practice healthcare in its most updated standards. 

With so many articles online today, of different sources and years, it has been difficult to find the most updated and accurate source. This website simply routes to the most updated guidelines backed by evidence-based medicine for healthcare providers to utilize in order to provide patients the most optimal care. It is intended for the practicing pharmacist in the United States, with guidelines focused on medication treatment and management. Medicine is an ever-changing science. As new research and clinical experience broaden our knowledge, changes in treatment and drug therapy are required. The creator of this work checked with resources believed to be reliable in their efforts to provide information that is complete and generally in accord with the standards accepted.

Users are an integrated part of quality control on guideline updates. When a link is reported to be out of date by a user, the website will be updated within the week. Quality control will also be performed on a monthly basis for any “dead” links.


How PharmGuides Started

My name is Diana Duong and I am an Emergency Medicine Pharmacist in New York City. Being my first job after graduating pharmacy school in 2019, I was thrown directly into the COVID-19 pandemic frontlines. During the uncertainty and chaos of the pandemic, false information was also infectious. Medical policies and practitioners were blindly using outdated treatment regimens influenced by politics over clinical trials and data. Practitioners had difficulty locating resources easily. In my free time during lockdown, I centralized all the free evidence-based clinical guidelines that we commonly use and designed a website. I worked on PharmGuides during my lunch breaks or in my studio apartment over 6 months. After I launched in December 2020, the rest is history. Guidelines are now easily accessible for healthcare providers to be more vigilant; an option to double check your decision is here. 


Email: diana.pharmguides@gmail.com


This started as a passion project that I improve on in my free time. Even though the monthly site maintenance costs is low ($13/month), it does come out of my pocket. If PharmGuides has helped you and your patients, providing a donation will help continue its commitment into the future.


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